Rural Programs

Rural Programs : India lives in her villages

Pryme is associated with Grassroutes which is an enterprise involved in the field of responsible rural tourism and rural development in India

Contribute towards building a sustainable India : Lets go Rural !

We facilitate local village communities to establish and promote responsible rural tourism in their villages. Grassroutes is working towards establishing a network of over 200 village tourism destinations across India, where tourism is owned, managed & run by the local village communities.

Conserve India’s heartland : Celebrating unique communities

Each village tourism destination has positive impacts on both the local village communities as well as tourists. For local village communities, this leads to the conservation & promotion of local lifestyles, cultures, traditions, biodiversities & economies besides providing the villagers with sustainable livelihood opportunities,reduction of migration & rural development; while tourists have experienced warm & heartfelt authentic village experiences

What we do there?  Engaging experiences

We create platforms of exchange between the rural and urban communities through interventions in community managed tourism and sustainable development workshops
Through a series of action, exploration and reflection, we take you on a Journey into India’s villages to get a ‘hands on’ feel and understanding of the various facets, opportunities and threats of Sustainable change in India.

Come rediscover the rural heartland: Make a difference

The Journey is an on-field orientation program of rural India for corporate’s, practitioners and students who would gain to benefit from this offbeat learning experience. The rural program is specifically designed to give the participants a ‘hands on’ experience of rural India, learn about the aspirations and dreams of her village communities, experience the opportunities and challenges she faces, and of various initiatives in sustainable development

We facilitate Rural Programs, Experiential Holidays and Learning Programs hosted in villages : Sustainable Living ,Rural Management , Behavioral Sciences & Sensitivity Training

  • Agriculture: Ploughing, Harvesting, Sowing, Chaffing, Plantations
  • Authentic village experience: Local Cuisine, Sleep in village homes, Celebrate local festivals
  • Live the Rural life: Draw water from well, Milk the Goat, Chop wood
  • Rural Games: Sling shots, Lagori, Swings, Tyre race
  • Learn: Warli art, Paper mask making, Optimal use of natural resources, Simplicity, Local customs
  • Village Sports: Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Wrestling
  • Explore Nature: Cycle, Trek in  the woods, Trek in the mountains, swim in the river
  • Relax: Bird watching, Sunrise/Sunsets, Meditate in the hills

Impacts of your journey

  • 20% increase in average annual household income for over 130 households
  • Over 6000 days of employment created annually
  • Reduction in migration
  • Conservation of traditions & biodiversity
  • Connecting urban & rural communities

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